Our Hospitality

The Foresteria has never been a museum but our family home lived and kept at the best of our abilities with continuous and consisent works of embelishment and restauration .

The three sisters Carolina Cecila and Camilla Valmarana, upon inheriting the Foresteria have felt the need to manage the house in a more professional way, according to the principle that the conservation of a property is tied to its ability to sustain itself: for this reason a part of the family moved from Milan to Vicenza in a flat obtained from the Foresteria's caves.

We have tried to give the most to the Villa's visitors by extending visiting time, differentiating  the ticket costs, creating a Tablet to optimise the visit. We also  developed two  flats on the Foresteria actic, created a Caffè to enjoy snacks on the terrace or under the ancient Portico, and a modern kitchen to host lunches and gala dinners in our company under the frescoes.

We want the athmosphere to remain that of a family home: together with the frescoes you will find family's and friends' pictures, a book with VIP's signatures, showcases with '700 costumes and a number of dish services.

Giustino and Amalia Valmarana slept in the Chinese room and their sons Angelo and Paolo under the Peasant's Room frescoes. Meals were served in the Carnival Room and chats with friends took place under the Gods of the Olympus.

To make visitors welcome in our home we are often there, happy to answer to questions or explain the story of the frescoes and of the Villa.

We would like to communicate to our guests the feeling of having been in an extraordinary place, yet intimate and very much loved;  we want our visitors to feel at ease in these incredible spaces, paritipating as friend in this bet which involves to hand down to the next generations, in all its beauty, this marvellous place.